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Yes it does. You can place an order to be sent to all of Türkiye and TRNC via

When your order reaches you, if you detect any deterioration or suspicious condition in the shipment package, please do not accept the shipment. Ask the cargo officer to keep a report and contact our customer service representative as soon as possible. If you sign and accept a package or delivery receipt that you think is problematic, the possibility of detecting damage or loss during transportation is eliminated.

In this case, the cargo company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the transportation of your cargo. The cargo delivery receipt is a document showing that your order has been delivered to you undamaged and complete, and that this is confirmed by you. In case of even the slightest sign of being crushed or opened, insistently ask the officer to take a report.

We inform you about all campaigns and opportunities through our social media accounts. You can follow our accounts at the top and bottom of our pages.

Your orders can be delivered by the cargo officer to your relative who can prove that he or she is your first-degree relative with a picture ID, upon signing the delivery receipt. If you cannot be reached in any way, the cargo officer will leave a notice to your address.

You can receive your order along with this news paper from the relevant branch within 3 days. If this period exceeds this period, your product will be sent back to our warehouse by the cargo company.